Nick van Tiem

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Nick van Tiem is an Amsterdam-based photographer using his craft to explore new cultures and his own interpretations/misinterpretations of the world.

His work ranges from very honest and intimate documentary-like portraiture, to graphic narratives involving a distinctive colour palette. On the search for elements that add to the story the kind of awe and curiosity that builds a scene, Nick’s photography is characterised by unusual faces, unique and otherworldly locations, and powerful angles. His character-driven and unapologetic work has been featured in the likes of Metal Magazine, British Journal of Photography and Vogue, and clients ranging from Adidas, Dior, Tommy Jeans to MyTheresa.


Represented in the Netherlands by HALAL

Selected clients
Gucci, Versace, Dior, Burberry, MyTheresa, HighSnobiety, Armani, Sony, Adidas, van Moof, Hugo Boss, Nike, Zalando, Estee Lauder, G-Star, Puma, Under Armour, Ace & Tate, TommyJeans, 1offParis, i-D Magazine, Vogue Italia, Metal Magazine, Glamcult.